Beware Of Pink WhatsApp: Mumbai Police Issues Warning About Scam App

Of late, WhatsApp has clearly become a hotspot for all sorts of fake news and scams, with hundreds of users falling prey to fraudulent messages and links shared on the messaging application. One of the most popular messaging applications in the country with millions of active users, WhatsApp has become an easy target for scammers, with fake messages going viral every now and then. In a recent incident, a fake message providing a link to download ‘Pink WhatsApp’ is going viral. The message is offering a free application to help users change their WhatsApp look along with new features.

However, the Mumbai Police has strictly warned against downloading or using the fake application. The cyber security department of the Mumbai Police has also cautioned people about the hoax associated with the messaging platform, further urging them to avoid any such messages and links.

Mumbai Police cautions against ‘Pink WhatsApp’

According to a Free Press Journal report, the Mumbai Police, in its recent public advisory, has warned about a viral message that asks users to download a new version of WhatsApp called the ‘Pink WhatsApp.’

Mentioning that a message of “New Pink Look WhatsApp with extra features” is currently making rounds, the department called it a “hoax,” stating that it can lead to hacking of people’s mobile through malicious software.

“It is not an uncommon instance to see fraudsters come up with a variety of new tricks and ways to lure gullible users into falling into their trap to commit cyber frauds. It is for the users to be Aware, Alert, and Attentive to these kinds of frauds and remain safe and secure in the digital world,” the advisory added.

About the ‘Pink WhatsApp’ scam

Users are given a link to download a pink version of WhatsApp with claims that the update will help them change the colour of the logo and activate new features. However, after downloading the phishing link, it might result in users losing control over their devices and their personal data like pictures, passwords, OTPs, and contacts, with these details getting exposed to fraudsters.

How to stay safe from the Pink WhatsApp scam?

According to the police, users need to avoid any sort of fake messages or links offering to download Pink WhatsApp. In case, anyone has already installed the app, they need to uninstall it immediately and also refrain from sharing or forwarding the links or messages to others.

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