World’s First AI-Powered DJ, RadioGPT, Debuts On US Radio

A radio station in the US has made history by becoming the first in the world to feature a full-time DJ powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

US-based Alpha Media’s KBFF Live 95.5 FM has used Futuri Media’s RadioGPT software to create an AI/synthetic version of their midday host, Ashley Elzinga, for the midday show, reports Fox Business.

“Radio GPT allows us to showcase our content creators in more instances, with more frequency, and curate more timely, topical, and robust information for Alpha audiences and clients than previously possible,” Alpha Media EVP of Content Phil Becker was quoted as saying.

He said AI will allow the radio station “to be more agile than ever”.

Last week, the radio station posted a Tweet of Elzinga sharing the new AI host with her listeners.

In the video, the host’s comments can be heard being played back by the AI as if it were a straight recording.

“I guess I have the day off,” Elzinga jokes.

Another video showed AI Ashley informing a caller that they have won tickets to a Taylor Swift concert. The AI voice sounds uncannily similar to the host it is modelled after, coming across as conversational and relaxed.

The station insists that it will not replace the real Ashley, which alleviates some of the concerns of many local DJs, and that Elzinga will continue to receive her regular pay, the report said.

Meanwhile, music streaming platform Spotify has rolled out its AI feature called “DJ” for premium customers in the UK and Ireland.

This feature was first made available to premium subscribers in the US and Canada in February.

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