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5G Technology in 2020

As countless mobile users already use 3G & 4G networks, it is expected that the latest 5G is likely to bring a new user experience by 2020. What is 5G? 5G networks are the upcoming next-generation technology of mobile phone connectivity, internet connectivity, contributing more rapidly speeds and trustworthy connections on smartphones as well as other gadgets than ever before. The great revolutionary network technology combined with the most modern research, 5G technology must offer connections that are multitudes speedier than present connections, with standard download speeds of about 1GBps normal to soon be the standard. The upcoming 5G networks will aid power an impressive rise in the Internet of Things technology, offering the infrastructure needed to carry heavy data, allowing for more connected and a smarter world. With growth and progression, 5G networks are expected to launch by 2020 globally, working alongside existing 3G & 4G technologies to provide faster connections no matter where you are.

Even though 5G is not expected to reach the global market until 2020, however, myriads of companies have already started to invest in order to go ahead with the new wireless mobile standard. Well, the trial 5G networks are already being set up in other distinct of the globe. Fourth-generation (4G) Long-Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology gives the foundation for 5G Technology. Comparing 4G, which needs big cell towers to give out signals to the far-reaching places, 5G wireless signals could be easily transmitted via numbers of small cell stations situated in places like building roofs or light poles. The utilization of multiple small cells is essential since the millimeter wave spectrum –the band of spectrum connecting in between 30 GHz and 300 GHz that 5G relies on to produce high speeds.


There are numerous network operators that are predicted to invest billion dollars on 5G networks through 2030, even though it is not transparent how 5G services will make a return on that investment.

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