How to Prepare for ilets Listening?

ILETS Listening Preparation ?

IELTS has become very popular among youth with rising trend of moving abroad for higher studies. IELTS consists of four modules: Reading, Writing, Listning and Speaking. Here in this piece of writing we are going to discuss about things to keep in mind while preparing for Listning module.

Listening part is considered the determining factor in scoring good overall IELTS score as thereis possibility of getting full 9 marks by getting all answers right. There are following few tricks to score good in listening module:

  1. Wrong spellings are considered wrong answers, therefore it is important to write right spellings of answers.
  2. Its is a common mistake to write answers at wrong number. Keep track of the sequence of questions at write answer at right place only.
  3. A lot of questions are direction based in this module as the narrator is guiding the other person about a building or a map. In this case, you need to understand the direction. One trick is to make the direction arrows in one corner of sheet. Pointing top is always north and towards right of it is east, and opposites are south and west respectively.
  4. Focous on the sequence on questions, if you miss any question it is better to leave it rather than thinking about it and missing the next one.
  5. Listening English news channels and watching English language movies is good listening practise.
  6. You get time before start of a passage. In that time read all the questions carefully and understand exactly what is asked in it.
  7. Practice to a transfer all question on answer sheet. It is another common mistake made by a lot of candidates as they shuffle the sequence of questions.

So friends, it is important to focus on practise as there is no alternative to practise in order to score good in Ielts.

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