Why manners and discipline is important?

Manners or courtesy are something used every single day to feel good about oneself and to make a good impression on society. No matter where you are – at work, home, or with close relatives or friends – practicing good manners is significant. Good manners are just like opening doors and writing thank you notes. While writing notes and opening doors for others is nice, true etiquette goes deeper. Good manners are very essential and compulsory to have for a person in order to live a disciplined, peaceful and happy life as well as get success in any field. Discipline on the flip side is a manner of life, where one should try to be on time and live in an organized and systematic way. Discipline can be clarified as training which can build up one’s moral character and helps to produce a specific type of behavior.
Discipline is a necessary element of our life. In fact, without discipline life, we can’t work smoothly. The teachers and the elders of the family like parents are the first persons to introduce the logic of self-discipline to the kids. Discipline must be learned from the early phases of life. It ensures the smooth flow of life without putting obstruction to the individual’s liberty. Discipline teaches us to be systematic and logic towards accomplishing our goal of life. It helps us to achieve our objectives. The society without the proper discipline persuades the unsocial activities such as misbehavior and violence. Self-discipline is vital to achieving complete Discipline in life as it also helps to develop the better personality of the person concerned. Someone truly said,” He that cannot obey cannot command”.


Without discipline and good manners or courtesy, there is no way we can control our senses and our mind. There is no sphere in the world where manners and good discipline does not dominate.

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