Start up India Boosting Entrepreneurship

The Start-up revolution for boosting entrepreneurship is taking place after a storm in India. Gov. of India launched the creative campaign Start-up India to encourage entrepreneurship in young generation who despite being experienced and skilful to launch their own ventures become dependent upon jobs and remain underemployed. The start-ups were happening not because of TVF’s Pitchers or Wolf of Wall Street; however, it happens in India long before the emergence of both the ventures. Just the manner of hype start-ups are getting due to increased Smartphone and internet penetration in both rural and urban areas is exponential.

Start-up is a great idea, just needs back-up and encouragement

India’s demographic dividend is conducive to Start-ups with the great level of potential. India has the huge overall population and has one of the largest consumer bases in the world. For every single unique requirement of every segment of the populace, there is the prospect for the new venture. Our education systems, healthcare, transportation, and infrastructure, are in dire need of up gradation where start-ups can make a huge difference. Indian Government schemes like “Make in India” are a booster for the start-ups. Foreign investors have also shown confidence and interest in the Start-Ups and they are getting regular funding from them. Institutions like IITs and IIMs have started endorsing incubation cells in their university grounds and offered the option of deferred placements.


Summing up we can say that whatever may be the category of start-up, Indian start-ups face its own series of challenges and a number of stellar opportunities. Doing a start-up is a lonely journey and often perilous. Having a brilliant idea is poles apart from making that idea a business success

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