How to Prepare for ilets ?

Student life is the most significant phase in life of every young person. It is the most important building block in every successful career. In this regard, a lot of young aspirants dream of moving abroad for higher studies and eventually getting settled there for better options. IELTS is the key to this door of success and before knocking it, we must prepare for the exam.
IELTS does not have a particular syllabus, as it more of a language skill test rather than some knowledge about a particular field. Therefore there is no one book to be prescribed for preparation of exam. There is more than books, you can do in order to get ready for taking this test. Reading English newspaper can do wonders as it gives you reading practise as well as enhances your reading and understanding skills at the same time. Moreover you can increase your vocabulary by reading newspaper which helps in writing section.
Listening English news is another thing which can be done to develop your listening skills. You get better in listening by simply watching English news channels. Watching English movies is another thing to do if you want to add new dimension to exam practise.
All four modules of IELTS (reading, listening, writing, and speaking) are inter-related as the main motive is to test language skill. Hence practise of one module helps in preparing for the other one. For example, in reading passages you can find some words to be used in writing part. Similarly listening practise, gives you an idea about how to speak and helps in learning the accent to speak. Speaking English in front of mirror about a particular topic boosts your confidence and helps in getting rid of all fumbles you make while speaking.
As far as scoring good in this test is concerned, there is no one way to do that, different techniques work differently on all different individuals. Some get trained better by learning from books and at the same time others need improvised learning techniques like listening English music, watching sports with English commentary. All you need is to gain English language skills in all forms.
So friends, all the best to all of you who are about to take this test and I hope you do good in your exam.

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