iOS 17.5 Update For iPhone Users Coming In May 2024: Here’s What You Can Expect

Apple is invested in bringing more EU-only features to iPhone users with the upcoming iOS 17.5 version. Here are the details.

iOS 17.4 version came out recently and iPhone users got a taste of the new EU-only features that will make iPhones very different for the people. But now we are shifting our focus towards iOS 17.5 version which is likely to be the last iteration before Apple announces the iOS 18 version at the WWDC 2024 in June.

Apple is expected to continue with its special features for iPhone users in the EU region but there is a lot more we could see from the company. The iOS 17.5 beta version is already giving us a teaser on what to expect from the final version which will be rolling out in May, and here’s a look at what we have spotted in the latest beta version.


Download Apps From Website

Apple users in the EU are finally able to download apps from the developer website and not just limited to the content available on the App Store. Apple has been accused of charging developers and fees for its app installs and blocking access to these apps from other sources for security reasons. But the EU ruling has forced Apple to open the gates and users getting the iOS 17.5 beta version in EU are able to make use of this change.

Option to disable tracking devices

Apple and Google are finally acting on the issue of AirTags being misused for tracking people without their knowledge. The strings of code to the Find My app in iOS 17.5 beta suggests the feature to disable these tracking devices, and even the non-Apple ones are coming to iPhone users next month.

Some design changes

It has been pointed out that the iOS 17.5 beta version sees minute design tweaks to apps like Apple Books, the podcast widget on the home screen and more.

It is still early days with the iOS 17.5 beta version and we expect more features to roll out with the next few beta versions before the official roll out happens next month.

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