Slow internet woes? These 5 cool hacks will boost speed in a jiffy

In today’s world, fast internet is not just a luxury but a necessity. With the hybrid work environment, many working professionals have to attend important meetings and give presentations from home. Yet many people deal with slow internet speeds on a daily basis. And if you have already invested in fast internet, this becomes even more irksome. But do not worry. Before you dial your network provider to register a complaint, there are a few things you can do to improve your internet speed. Read on to know about these 5 cool hacks.

Use ‘Lite’ versions of browser

You can try to use the ‘lite’ versions of browsers like Chrome’s Lite mode, Opera Mini, Firefox Lite and others instead of regular versions. These are designed to save data and load pages faster in limited or slow networks. So, even if you do have slow internet, your access to the web pages will be faster

Close unwanted tabs

This tip can actually increase your internet speed. Just close the tabs once you are done since each tab or webpage keeps refreshing in the background and consumes a certain amount of data regularly. This will increase the overall speed and you will be able to give that presentation without a patchy connection.

Set up your workstation near the WiFi router

At home, get the best corner where you get the highest connectivity and work from there. Sitting at a place that has low signal strength will hamper your experience even more and will keep you stuck at those loading pages.

Try to keep less devices connected to the network

Having several devices connected to a single WiFi network also affects the internet speed. You can switch off your Smart TV, lock your laptops, switch to data on smartphones and activate airplane mode in tablets if not in use to keep as few devices on a network as possible so you get the most out of it.

Keep video resolution in check while streaming

While streaming videos, do keep a check on the resolution. Try not to stream in the highest resolution when other devices are connected to the same signal. This will make your streaming slow and their networks slow as well.

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