The evolution of mobile technology in the modern world

In the past three decades when mobile was launched, these compact devices have transformed our lives to a great extent. Whether it is shopping, hiring a maid, sending messages, communicating with someone, downloading movies/music, watching live shows, reading news, learning or anything else, it’s all possible with the mobile devices.
Simply use your fingers on your mobile screen and you’re ready to explore the possibilities and get your hands on whatever you want. According to a comprehensive study of the importance of the internet in people’s lives, it has been found that thousands spend as many as 30 hours a week online.
Owing to the growing number of people using mobile devices for online searches and other purposes, even the Google has made it compulsory that every website must be designed keeping in mind the mobile users. In the past few years, the number of websites visited via mobile devices has risen dramatically, with 19 per cent of online visitors exploring more than 20 different sites a week.
The popularity of mobile devices has grown to such an extent that over 80 per cent of mobile users claim that they could not live without a mobile phone while nearly 70 per cent of users say that they prefer face-to-face communication to using the phone or email. Other 90 per cent claimed that they could not survive or live without the internet.
Mobile technology has come a long way throughout these years, and is expected to gain even more popularity in future.

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