Top Reasons to Ditch Your Mobile Right Away

Mobile addiction

Every day, we wake up and the first thing we want to check is not the clock but our mobile device. If you can’t find it, you feel anxious, and when you have it, you keep using it. Yes, smartphones have become the most important part of our lives. Our obsession with mobile gadgets has become epic. According to the statistics, one in every five people in the world own a smartphone these days.
No doubt that the mobile technology has made our lives easier and transformed the whole world into a place where everything is possible with just a tap on the mobile screen. Whether you want to connect with someone, need contact details of companies, buy something, consult with physicians, hire someone or anything else, it’s all possible with mobile devices.

The technology has transformed the world greatly, but at the same time, there are a handful of new syndromes that come with that addiction. We conducted a study of mobile users to find out the side effects of using mobile devices. Some of the common side effects we found include:

It’s an Addiction

No matter how useful it is, but the fact is that using smartphone is an addiction and it is a very real phenomenon. According to the study, it was found that the female college students spend an average of ten hours a day on their cellphones. Most of their time goes on surfing the internet and sending 100+ messages.
We also discovered that three out of five US smartphone users can’t go more than 60 minutes without checking their mobile devices. According to experts, the moment we hear the ring of our mobile, our brains get a hit of dopamine and serotonin – the chemicals linked to happiness. This means that these tiny devices are controlling our minds.

Painful Withdrawal

If you think you can easily stop using your mobile device then you’re wrong. Experts claim that withdrawal of mobile phones can be long and comes with complications. In a survey, conducted in 2011, experts reviewed the results after they asked the students to avoid cellphones, laptops and social networking for 24 hours. According to the study, it was found that the participants suffered significant mental and physical distress, panic, confusion and extreme isolation.

More Stress, Less Sleep

Using mobile devices will tempt you to spend all day exploring something new, talking or texting, instead of doing anything productive. Having a mobile device means you are always available to take calls or reply the texts. With mobile technology our working hours don’t finish at 6pm as emails continue to push through late into the night.
According to the experts, the individuals who spend too much of time with their cell phones are more prone to stress and fatigue. It results in less sleep as your mind is always looking for something on the mobile devices. You get an urge to keep checking your mobile even if there’s nothing new to check.

Bad Social Life

Mobile technology allowed people to connect with individuals who are living even thousands of miles away. However, they’ve resulted in disconnecting us with our close ones. Not just we are more distracted and less ‘present’ in social scenarios, but also we are becoming less connected to our peers. Experts found that the people who discussed personally meaningful topics with their mobile devices nearby reported lower relationship quality and less trust in their partner. Also, the mobile devices make us more selfish, and less likely to engage in ‘prosocial’ behavior.

Indirect Injuries

Although the mobile devices may not physical harm you, but they are reasons to various types of physical injuries,like from a nasty fall or car crash! There is a reason that “Using mobile while driving” is banned across the world. It’s because while talking on mobile you are less likely to concentrate on your destination and the road. Not just the drivers or bike riders, even the pedestrians are at increased risk of causing accidents when they are using mobile devices.


To conclude, it is great to be a part of the growing technological world, but it is good that we accept these mobile devices as gadgets, not as a part of our lives as the massive usage can result in great disaster. Try to enjoy your life, communicate with neighbors more often, go out with friend for picnics, ditch your mobile while sitting on dinner table, try sleeping under the sky with no mobile phone around, and believe me you will find a real meaning of life.

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