Apple Is Finally Telling iPhone 15 Users How Many iOS Upgrades They Will Get

Apple has never talked about its iOS upgrade cycle before but it seems the company is now ready to share these details with its customers.

Google and Samsung have upped their OS support for flagship and other tier devices. But Apple has been doing that for many years without blowing the trumpet for everyone to hear. Now, the company seems to have changed its strategy, as an official document reveals what the iPhone 15 buyers can expect from Apple in terms of the iOS upgrades and for how many years they will be supported.

iPhone users have generally felt comfortable with the iOS upgrade timeline for their devices, even the older ones but Google’s latest manoeuvre suggests a change is warranted.


Apple’s support document in the UK, spotted by reliable tipster Mishaal Rahman says that iPhone 15 users will get a minimum of 5 years of OS updates from the company. As we all know that Google and Samsung have increased their respective OS policies recently, where Google has raised the stakes by promising 7 years of updates for Pixel users.


Could these changes have forced Apple to make these details public after all these years, it is quite possible. But we are hoping that Apple also looks to increase its support for iPhones and that could start when the iPhone 16 models are announced later this year.

We have usually seen Apple quietly go about its business and keep its customers happy with reliable service experience and product shelf life. Even the resale value of iPhones help the brand gain higher traction and in countries like India, iPhones are viewed as an aspirational purchase.

And while Google says it will offer 7 years of OS upgrades for the newer Pixel phones, we can’t be assured of the fact that these devices will run for that long. In comparison, Apple has shown its quality can last the mile, so if the company decides to increase its support claim anytime soon, people would probably believe it over Google with its previous track record in play.

OS support is not only about keeping the device refreshed but also allowing them the scope to fight any possible security issues that can later become a major concern for millions and the companies as well.

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