WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Create AI-Generated Profile Photos: Here’s How

WhatsApp already comes with a Meta AI chatbot but more features will be getting the AI upgrade soon.

WhatsApp and Meta AI chatbot integration could go deeper very soon as the users will get the option to create and use AI-generated profile photos on the messaging app. The new AI feature is going to be one of the many additions that we might see on WhatsApp in the near future. As for the AI-generated profile photos, WhatsApp is testing this feature with select beta testers on Android, as per the details from WABetaInfo this week.


The beta version that has been spotted with the new AI-enabled feature shows us a new section in the settings of WhatsApp called Create AI Profile Picture. Here’s where things get interesting, as you can basically get the AI tool to generate any kind of image based on your description.

This part of AI gives you limitless options to create profile photos which many users could see as a good way to hide their actual images and use these artificially created images as profile photos instead.

“With AI-powered profile photos, users will be able to create unique and personalised images that reflect their personality, interests, or mood more accurately than a standard photo,” the tipster highlights in their post. To be fair, WhatsApp has made it extremely hard for people to copy images and misuse the content. After all, you cannot take a screenshot of their profile photos, photos in general or even videos on the messaging app, both iOS and Android versions.


WhatsApp already got its dose of Meta AI in the form of the main AI chatbot that is now available on the main screen. You can use the chatbot to create new recipes, set up a diet plan and even ask random questions with the help of prompts that most AI chatbots can interpret and answer.

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