Is Google Being Pushed Into Fast-Tracking Its AI Plans Because of Microsoft? Here’s What Sundar Pichai Said

Google Chief Pichai was speaking in an interview where he talked about his company’s AI roadmap and how it doesn’t get influenced by others.

Google and Microsoft are in direct AI tussle, even though the latter already has a big jump in the race thanks to its partnership with OpenAI. However, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai claims that the company’s AI plans will not be based on anyone else’s music, instead they would play the long game to challenge and eventually succeed with its AI models.

“I think one of the ways you can do the wrong thing is by listening to the noise out there and playing someone else’s dance music,” Pichai was quoted saying in an interview by Bloomberg.

It is interesting to see Pichai talk about his company’s AI roadmap that he claims does not coincide with the rapid development at Microsoft. He even mentions that Google is listening to its own music, which hints at a different path taken by Pichai and Co. for its growth and evolution in the AI arena.


These statements come after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about the role Google has played in its own AI strategy over the last few years.

Nadella pointed out that Google is the most vertically placed company to take advantage of the AI boom. He couldn’t believe that Google is not leading the global AI race already. After all, it has the tech, the man power and even the data to train the AI models.

To be fair, Nadella isn’t completely wrong with his estimation. Google has been talked about highly with its focus on AI, but it has been slow to enter the segment with the Gemini AI model.


Google has repeatedly stated that it is in no hurry to push AI without being completely sure about behaviour. Pichai coming forward and saying this himself in the recent interview suggests the company is ready to balance out the advancement of AI rather than push it in a half-baked avatar.

Their concerns are well advised, as the company found its AI image generator to be inaccurate with historical figures and even racist to some extent.

Google was forced to pull down the tool and Pichai had to apologise for the ‘unacceptable errors.’ Pichai has spoken about the issue in an internal memo, saying the company will make a whole list of changes and improvements in the AI mechanism to ensure these issues and mistakes don’t happen ever again.

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