Google warns all Android and iPhone users of privacy threats. Details here

Google has issued a warning for all Android and iPhone users as the tech trends move towards greater integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with smartphones. Artificial intelligence, after catching hold of popular perception after the 2022 release of the blockbuster generative AI tool ChatGPT, has moved beyond being just a thing with a ‘wow factor’ and tech giants have already taken steps to integrate AI tools and apps in existing ecosystems. Microsoft has already unrolled Copilot for existing Windows users.

Smartphone users by now are fairly adept at taking steps to guard their privacy and data in the digital world by keeping close tabs on which apps they download, which permissions they grant and so on.

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But when it comes to generative AI, it is still seen that users are willing to experiment and there have been no limits to users’ interaction with the tools. Even more than a year after ChatGPT’s launch and slew of other AI tool releases, the novelty factor remains.

Google jumped on the AI bandwagon by launching Bard, its own AI tool. After initial hiccups, Bard took some strides to establish Google as one of the major players in the AI field. The company has renamed the AI tool from Bard to Gemini and has cautioned all smartphone users, no matter which OS they use, Android or iOS.

“Please don’t enter confidential information in your conversations or any data you wouldn’t want a reviewer to see or Google to use to improve our products, services, and machine-learning technologies,” Google warned on its ‘Gemini App Privacy Hub’ blog.

“Google collects your Gemini Apps conversations, related product usage information, info about your location, and your feedback,” the company says, adding that it uses the information to “improve, and develop Google products and services and machine learning technologies”.

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