Google Illustrations Feature Now Available in Contacts on Android: What It Means

‘Google Illustrations’ feature allows users to create custom profile pictures for their Google accounts, and is now included in the Contacts app for Android.

Gmail introduced the ‘Google Illustrations’ feature last year, which allows users to create a personalized profile picture from a set of available illustrations, and now, this feature is also available in Google Contacts.

The ‘Google Illustrations’ feature, which allows users to create a custom profile picture for their Google account, is now included in the Contacts app for Android, according to 9to5Google. Users may access ‘Illustrations’ as the first tab when updating a contact, alongside ‘Google Photos’ and ‘Device photos.’

Additionally, since its launch, Google has increased the options within each subcategory of its “Illustrations” feature, which includes collections of animals, cities and places, food, hobbies and interests, nature, and sports and recreation. As noted by 9to5Google, these collections remain unchanged, but users can now choose from a wider range of options within each subcategory to create a more ‘ personal’ profile picture.

The ‘Quick crops’ feature highlights the most interesting parts of an image and is available in the editor for the ‘Google Illustrations,’ further giving the ability to customize your images. In addition to ‘Quick crops,’ users can also make use of various color tools to further personalize their profile picture.

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