Still not taken Covid booster shot? how to book booster vaccine appointment

Covid cases across China, Japan, Spain, and other countries are rapidly rising once again. Amid the fear of an upcoming Covid wave in India, citizens are requested to take their vaccination dose including the last booster dose.

In Short

  • The effect of the first two doses of vaccine fades over time. 
  • To protect your body from Covid virus, it is highly advisable to take the booster dose. 
  • Booster dose is available for all vaccine brands including COVAXIN and Covishield.

By Divya Bhati: China is facing the wrath of the new Covid variant- BF.7. The country is likely registering 10 Lakh covid cases and 5,000 deaths from covid daily. It is said to be the biggest outbreak of the disease compared to the last Covid wave. And while the neighboring country is battling the invisible enemy, India is also on red alert. Government has initiated precautionary advisory and is scanning all the international travellers. Meanwhile, the residents are requested to take their booster dose for Covid so that their immune system will be ready to fight the virus.

The booster dose of Covid vaccine is important as protection provided by the first two shots of vaccine will eventually decrease over time. So, the Booster dose will help the immune system fight the virus from severe coronavirus disease. So, if you have still not taken the booster shot, it is highly advisable to take it as not only China but Japan, Spain, Argentina and many other countries are witnessing a rapid surge in Covid cases. And possibilities are there that the next wave will hit India too.

Which booster dose should one get

Booster dose is apparently the third dose of the vaccine you took. For example, if you took a dose of COVAXIN vaccine or Covishield then you will have to take the booster dose from the same vaccine brand.

Where is booster dose for Covid available

You can take the booster dose at any government or private vaccination centre. Notably, you have to carry your final certificate of vaccination which includes details of both first and second dose. “citizens should carry their Final Certificate of vaccination (with details of both earlier doses). Citizens should use the same mobile number and ID card used for earlier doses” “HCWs, FLWs and Citizens aged 60 year or more, shall continue to receive precautionary dose vaccination at any CVC, including free of charge vaccination at Government Vaccination Centers,”cites the official statement on CoWIN website.

How to book for Covid-19 booster dose online

– You can book your booster vaccine appointment online through the CoWIN website or Aarogya Setu app.

– To book vaccination from CoWIN, open the official portal on any web browser.

– Log into the website using your registered mobile number. You should enter the same mobile number which was registered while taking your first two doses of the vaccine.

– You will be able to find the vaccine certification of all your previous doses on the CoWIN website. You can also download the vaccine certificate for future use.

– Now for booking the booster dose, first check if you are eligible for the same one and can take the booster shot only 9 months after the second dose. You will also get notified for your dose on the CoWIN portal.

-If you are eligible for the booster shot, click on the Schedule option available next to the notification.

– Enter Pincode or district name to find available vaccination centres.

– Now check the available vaccination centre and book an appointment selecting date and time.

– If you are booking appointments from private centres then you will have to pay for the dose.

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