What is Gum Bleeding

Gum Bleeding

Do you sufffering from gum bleeding? Are you aware about the reasons of gum bleeding?
Now these days many of people are suffering through this problem. If you have gum bleeding problem then please have the proper treatment. Because gum bleeding gives the birth to other teeth problems. Gum bleeding is the biggest problem because when you people breathe out then it will become very difficult to other person to stand by your side. In gum bleeding your mouth smells very bad. So, automatically it becomes very necessary to take the timely treatment. Might be you have heard that “A stitch in time saves nine” So it is good to take the treatment on initial level.
There are many causes of gum bleeding like:
Plaque is a thick film of germs that form on gums and teeth. Brushing, flossing and rinsing on daily basis removes this film.

Smoking is also the reason of gum bleeding because it interferes with the normal function of gum tissue cells, making your mouth more vulnerable to infections which makes your mouth smell bad.

Hormonal Changes
Sometimes hormonal shifts also causes gum bleeding. During pregnancy or on your menstrual cycle, hormones can rinse and fall, making gums more susceptible to gum problems. Some of the things you can expect to possibly happen during your pregnancy are inflamed gums, puffy and red and little bleed when brushed or flossed.

Prescription meds
Medications may have a side effect that work inside your body. Gum bleeding also one of these. If you are concerned about your gums discuss any medication you are on, with your doctor.

Gum problems can be genetic as well. This is something you need to mention to your dentist as it may put you at a slightly increased risk for developing the germ infection.

Twisted Teeth
If your teeth are overlap, crooked or rotate, it can create a breeding ground for gum problems. Because misalignments create more spaces where plaque can build up and harm your teeth and gums.

Poor Nutrition
Nutritional deficiencies also cause gum bleeding problem. It is very difficult to get all vitamins on daily basis but when you are not getting enough vitamin C, this could be especially harmful to your gums. A diet in which carbohydrates and sugar are in high quantity and water and vitamin C is in low quantity is a recipe for gum problems.
Best way to keep gum problems at bay
• Use Listerine mouthwash twice daily
• Twice daily brushing with a soft bristle
• Floss once daily
• Regular dentist visits for plaque and tartar removal
• Eat fully nutritious food especially with more quantity of vitamin C and water
• Avoid fast food
• Brush with Anti-Gingivitis toothpaste
• Avoid Tobacco
• Maintain a healthy lifestyle
If you have gum bleeding problem then please don’t ignore it because later on it creates the more serious teeth problems. So whenever you come to know about this problem then be sure to talk to your dentist. We have the reference of Dr. Sharma Dental Clinic in Mohali who is specialist in Periodontology. If you haven’t the treatment on time then you won’t be able to enjoy your food properly. Take the nutritious diet and enjoy your health.
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