Why Vitamin E is good For Health

Vitamin enriched diet is very must for well being. Vitamins contain number of amazing benefits that keep us strong and active. All vitamins are must for well being but vitamin E and its properties are considered the most remarkable. Vitamin E is good for skin, hair and health. It is essential for maintaining and enhancing eye health. This is the reason that many physicians and beauticians emphasize that your diet should have an sufficient amount of vitamin E. It is a wonder drug. It helps to treat number of problems of the heart and blood including high blood pressure, diabetes and hardened arteries in the leg. Vitamin E is commonly used to heal parched and dehydrated skin and is increasingly found in all pharmaceutical produced skin care products.

 Benefits of vitamin E:


Vitamin E reduces the chances of your skin becoming dull, wrinkled and saggy. It helps to boost the production of collagen, a fiber-like protein that is helpful for maintaining skin elasticity. It also reduces the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles that are signs of aging.


Vitamin E is an enriched source of free radical fighting antioxidants. These antioxidants reduce free radical damage that may have resulted in the hyperpigmentation leading to spots. Dark spots are attributed to a variety of factors such as free radical damage, aging, liver problems etc. You just need vitamin E capsule and moisturizer or carrier oil like olive oil. Then break the capsule and mix it with your body lotion or a carrier, then apply it over the dark spots. Continue it once daily until the spots have become visibly lighter.


Vitamin E is a heavy emollient, which makes it easy to remove impurities from the surface of your skin. It is also helpful to maintain skin’s oil balance. You can use few drops of vitamin E oil on a cotton ball to wipe your face. You can use it twice in a day.


Vitamin E oil being a great moisturizer, it is suitable for application on dry nails and cuticles. Thus it protects your skin. It is effective treatment for dry cracked cuticles and nails. You can rub a few drops of vitamin E oil on dried cuticles and nails and massage.


Vitamin E contains antioxidants which neutralize the effect of free radicals caused by ultraviolet radiation thus soothing sunburns. It helps to quick recovery from sunburns. For this you just need vitamin E capsule. Take a few drops of vitamin E and gently massage it over the burnt area.


As we know vitamin E is an oil-soluble nutrient and is hence heavier than water-soluble products. It works for dry and damage skin since it restores the lost moisture. You just need vitamin E oil and carrier oil mixes it well with your night cream and apply it on your body before going to bed.


Vitamin E is a natural moisturizer which keeps our scalp in good condition. You can also apply it directly on your hair to condition it and to make it soother. Oiling with vitamin E capsule on regular basis conditions the hair deeply and makes it healthier and shinier comparatively.


Vitamin E helps to strengthen and smoothen the cuticles of your hair and also reducing the instances of splitting and breakage. Split ends mostly causes due to constant blow drying, curling and coloring. These are the some common problems associated with hair. These all problems can be treated at home with the help of vitamin E oil. You just need olive oil, 3 ounces of coconut oil, 3 ounces of hemp oil, 3 ounces of jojoba oil and 2 ounces f vitamin E oil. In these oil mix vitamin E oil and do massage of your hair.


Antioxidants present in vitamin E effectively prevent the corrosion of tissues, also reducing the probability of premature graying. It also helpful in slowing down the aging process be it your skin or hair.


Vitamin E oil penetrate in skin deeply and repair the scar tissue at the source, thereby helping to diminish the appearance of blemishes. It is also considered a superior treatment option for the removal of scars due to burns or acne. You just need to apply few drops of vitamin E oil to the scar tissue whether it is old and faded or still fresh. Gently massage the vitamin E oil into the scar in a circular motion.


There are powerful antioxidants present in vitamin E act as a protective shield against the harmful effects of the sun which causes the multiplication of cancerous cells. Vitamin E is very effective to prevent skin cancer. You just need 4 – 5 drops of vitamin E to your sunscreen and apply it before heading out.


Vitamin E keeps your skin supple and combats the dryness of eczema and restores the elasticity. It helps to restore the mechanism of skin regeneration and effectively treating psoriasis. This is considered as the effective treatment for skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis. You can apply vitamin E oil twice a day on the affected area on a regular basis for instant recovery.


Vitamin E oil helps to reduce the bad cholesterol in the arteries, which causes the heart to pump harder to circulate the blood thereby increasing the risk of a heart attack.





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