Six Weeks Six Months Industrial Training

The exposure a student gets in six weeks/months industrial training is of most importance. Most of the State and Technical education in Engineering and other branch provides training for the period of 1 month or 45 days. Industrial training polishes the students practically as they learn technical skills, languages, tools, and standards prevalent in Industries placing them in better condition. Training improves the Practical knowledge and provides the right direction to the students and finally helps them in their career. So I request every student don’t waste this great opportunity to groom yourself and chance of learning cutting-edge technology.Industrial Training is the best option for you. If you want to join Industrial training in Chandigarh choose WINDOWIT Technologies.

Suggestion for Student:
• At least 2-3 Hours Class duration and 1-3 hours practical class. (Per day 3-5 Hours spend in the Industry during training period)
Confidence of students increases as they know that they have all the necessary skills required for job.Benefits of Industrial Training are you will be certified and will be pseudo-employable.
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