Medical Insurance for Visitors in Canada

Medical Insurance for Visitors in Canada

Life is not meant to be live at one place, travel as much as you can and as far you can. Everybody wants to travel and love to travel. Life is not certain anything can happen to us anytime. Whether you are in your own country or travelling to any other country, incidents keep on happening. Now these days Canada is the first choice of visitors. Some are gone to meet their children and friends and some just goes to see the beauty of Canada. Canada is the first love of visitors. As we know that in abroad medical services are very expensive. Even for a little disease you need to pay high. So just to help you in uncertain medical conditions Visitor Assurance is here.

Visitor Assurance provides the medical insurance to people who want to visit Canada.  It is highly recommended that people who want to visit Canada must get a medical insurance, since the healthcare can be very expensive without proper health insurance coverage. Medical insurance provided by Visitor Assurance covers accidental, medical and travel emergencies during your stay in the country. This medical insurance can reduce the financial risk of unforeseen accidents or medical emergency by purchasing medical insurance. Medical Insurance is ideal for tourists or visitors to Canada, and for parents and other family members visiting Canada.

Visitor Assurance covers the following medical situations:

  • It covers hospitalization fees
  • Professional fees for nurses and physicians when it is required for emergency treatment
  • It covers emergency dental work that resulted from an accident
  • Emergency home return by air ambulance or commercial flight with a medical escort
  • It provides coverage for accommodation and meals if your return is delayed due to a medical emergency

These all are the facilities covered by visitor assurance in medical insurance. This is the short term temporary travel medical insurance policy that provides health , injury and travel emergency coverage while traveling or during a stay at Canada. If anyone is not taking medical insurance while visiting Canada then it can be risky, it will not only be a costly affair but can also be physically and emotionally agonizing.

VisitorAssurance only motive is serving the visitors in a better way so that they can travel the beautiful cities of Canada tension free and in case if there is any medical emergency then they can avail it easily without any hurdle. There are some insurance plans which also cover your trip to other provinces and even to the United States.

The major attraction of visitors towards Visitor Assurance medical insurance is that it has no deductible plans. Deductible plans are those in which visitor have to first pay the deductible before the insurance company start paying anything.

Visitor Assurance has many plans:

  • New Immigrant Insurance
  • International Student Insurance

New Immigrant Insurance: For new immigrants in Canada it is very difficult and challenging to afford medical emergencies. Because medical services are very expenses in Canada. So for new immigrants it is the best option to take medical insurance plan instead of bear high medical costs. Just to protect new immigrants from high medical cost Visitor Assurance has started this facility. The foremost objective behind this health insurance policy is to defend immigrants against the financial loss occurring due to medical emergency on the time when they don’t have provincial health plan. This health insurance plan also provides side trips to other countries except the country of your origin.

This medical insurance plan is very mandatory because there are many provinces in Canada like Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, BC, Yokan and Saskatchewan which do not offer provincial health coverage on the day of your arrival. In these provinces you need to wait at least for two to three months to get the provincial health card. So to get protection in this case health insurance plan has been made so that new immigrants can save themselves from unnecessary anxiety. This private health plan helps them in case of emergency.

If you want to opt this plan then it is very easy you need to click on online quote calculator, over here you will see multiple health insurance plans of various companies with deductible options. Choose the plan, review and evaluate the coverage then click on application process it will take 5 minutes. They will ask for personal details you need to fill these details and once your payment is confirmed then you will receive your insurance for new immigrants policy by email.

International student insurance: This insurance policy is very beneficial if you are going to Canada as an International student. It is very mandatory to protect ourselves against all medical emergencies in Canada. If we talk about all over the world then Canada’s medical facilities are more expensive as compare to the other parts of the world. It is very difficult and impossible for an average international student to bear the financial cost of these medical services on her/his own. This health insurance plan basically designed with the purpose of protects the students who are going to stay here solely from uncertain financial burden arising due to medical emergencies. This insurance policy protects the students during their side trips along with takes care of expenses of hospitalization, treatment, surgery and other associate expenses in Canada.

This coverage insurance is really very beneficial if you are going to be enrolled in full time course in an authorized Canadian academic institution also you are not covered by any provincial health plan. It is also good if you want to get work experience in your study related program field. This plan is beneficial for students and basically makes for students till the time they do not get eligible for provincial health coverage. So meanwhile this is the best private medical insurance plan to live in Canada tension free.

Some plans are deductible at a discounted rate. So it is the major benefit of Visitor Assurance. Because other insurance companies have only deductible plans. So if you are planning to visit Canada or your parents and grandparents are planning to move then you should take this plan just to protect your family from any emergency. Come and visit VisitorAssurance ( for opting this plan.


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