Life of An IT Employee

Tips to Maintain Balance Between Work & Life

Life of an Information Technology (IT) employee doesn’t get interesting until the weekend arrives. There may be different surroundings and interiors of every other organization, but the life is somewhat same everywhere. The common thing that every employee will think about each other’s is that they’re mercilessly squeezed between work and pressure, cultivating tension in the core of their brain.
Although many organizations conduct several sessions and programs to release stress, but those seldom work. Offering a few paid leaves could do the business quite well.

According to the experts, over 18–19% IT employees are working under immense pressure are liable to risk hemorrhages. However, the available numbers are just test figures, the real ones are quite high beyond expectations. Almost every second employee is tortured and harassed with overtime and extended working hours, which of course don’t come with extra income. Team members are regularly manipulated in different organizations, which results in risking the employees’ well-being.

One of the worst truths of the society is that most of these employees even don’t have the courage to fight back or retaliate to the worsening conditions as they come from a downtrodden part of the society.

Importance of Work-Life Balance

Thus, it’s important to find a way to maintain a balance between the work and life.

Considering the increasing stress and mental pressure of workload, the governments of different countries seem to be worried about the health conditions of their residents. Recently, France passed a law under which it was made mandatory that companies with over 50 employees guarantee employees a “right to disconnect” from professional work outside of their office hours.
The minister of labor of France, Myriam El Khomri, said that it’s important to create laws to encourage balance as the access working hours are resulting in increased stress among the individuals.
However, IT employees in India still seem to survive at the mercy of their employers. Here are a few reasons why work-life balance is important:

Better Health Conditions

It’s no secret that when you are working for long hours and are tired or stressed – your health will suffer. A poor balance between life and work results in various health issues like less sleep, strokes, respiratory problems and a lot more. According to experts, the IT professionals (or other white collar professionals) who worked three or more hours longer than required had a 60% higher risk of cardiovascular problems. And those who worked only prescribed time duration were found healthier.

More Mindfulness

When we find and sustain a healthy way to maintain a balance between work and life, there are more chances of developing a greater control over our focus on the task at hand. Wouldn’t that be a great thing if you have a team that is fully focused on whatever they are doing? With better healthy work-life balance, the team will be dedicated to the task at hand, resulting in improved work quality and innovation.

Less Burnouts

When you are working for long hours, you will deal with stress. It is unavoidable. However, workplace burnouts are avoidable. Workplace burnouts occur when we feel overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands. There may be various negative impacts of burnouts on your personality and mental condition. Being unable to maintain a balance between work and life will massively increase the chances of a burnout, which is why it’s important for the employees to take time off and enjoy some time with your loved ones.


So go ahead and take your first step to maintain a balance between your work and life. Avoid working for long hours and stay concentrated at work while you’re in the office. We expect the government agencies to take relevant steps in this direction to save the IT employees from the unethical policies of the manipulating organizations. Steps towards offering relief from the work stress will be appreciated and applauded by millions of employees who get suppressed in their daily work places.

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