End of ‘work from home’ for Meta as employees asked to come to office 3 days a week

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has made a surprising shift in its remote work policy, announcing that employees will be required to work in the office three days a week starting September 5. The move represents a departure from the company’s previous embrace of remote work during the pandemic and the following months.

A work notice reviewed by The Information said that Meta acknowledged that transitioning to a more in-person work environment may require adjustments from employees. However, the company believes that returning to the office will support collaboration and contribute to its future endeavors.

According to a report by Insider, a Meta spokesperson said, “We remain committed to distributed work and believe that individuals can have a meaningful impact whether working from the office or remotely. We are continuously refining our model to foster collaboration, relationships, and a conducive work culture.”

It is important to note that the new policy will only apply to employees assigned to an office, and existing remote workers or those hired for remote positions in areas without an office will not be affected. The spokesperson clarified that Meta recognizes the necessity of remote work in certain roles and situations and will continue to support such arrangements.

Meta’s decision to bring back employees to office also fits in its ongoing plans for 2023 as the ‘year of efficiency”. The company also laid off thousands of employees ahead of the decision to move back to office. Meta has let go of around 21,000 employees in two separate rounds of job cuts. The first job cut impacted 11,000 employees in late 2022 and then the company removed 10,000 employees earlier this year. 

Other tech giants also followed suit. Google laid off 12,000 employees whereas Amazon has removed around 27,000 employees so far in two rounds of layoffs. Apple on of the very few Silicon Valley tech brands to avoid mass layoffs.  

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